Boiler is the home appliance in which water is heated. It can use variety of fuel sources propane, natural gas or electricity. Boilers could be used to to produce hot water, heat or steam for central home heating sytem.


Types of Boilers

Currently there are three most poupular types of high-efficiency boilers that could be purchased for your home. Each boiler's type is different and you will need to decide which type of boiler will be most appropriate for your home system.

Tankless /Combi Boiler

In recent years these types of boiler becoming more and more pupular. Combi or combination boilers don't store the hot water which eliminates the need for hot water tank. These saves space and another major advantage that you will have unliminated supply of hot water in your home at all times. Another benefit of this type of boiler is that it you will get a significant saving on hot water costs and installation.

Regular Boiler

Regular boiler someties reffered to as traditional or conventional boiler. A regular conventional home system incorporates a boiler, a feed and expansion cistern and a hot water cylinder located somewhere in the basement. You will find these types of boilers in majority of the older houses in North America, however today there is a big push towards installing tankless or combi boilers.

System Boiler

Just like regular boiler system boiler works on the principle of stored hot water - but a system boiler is a little different from a regular boiler. The main difference with a system boiler is that all the major components are built in to the boiler. For instance the pump, which is usually installed separatly from the boiler, is built in; expansion vessel which replaces the feed/expansion tank which is usually installed in the loft is built in as well.

We've covered some of the boiler which are available on the market today. This should help you to identify the type of boiler which will be most suitable for you home. Call your local HVAC company for more information.