Today central air conditioners provide more comfort and efficiency than ever. In the warmer climate central air conditioners becoming today's norm, however every HVAC manufacturer offer variety of air conditioning products, so lets look at the central air conditioning in details.

Parts of Central Air Conditioner System

Usually central air conditioning sytem split in two parts with some system components installed outside and some are installed inside.

1. The compressor is the noisiest part of central air conditioning system and condenser coil are installed outside. Condenser coil takes the concentrated hot air collected from inside of your home and dumps it into the hot outdoor air.

2. Evaporator coil is installed inside of the house and usually attached to the furnace. The function of evaporator coil is to absorb the heat from the air inside the house. At the end when the air is cooled down furnace fan distributes the air around the house throught the series of ducts usually already installed for heating.

Ducltess Air Conditioners

Sometimes in houses where the duct work was not installed ductless air conditioning system could be the solution. Ductless systems are very in Europe and Asia where duct systems are discouraged. The ductless air conditioning systems use small pipes which connect the single outside condenser unit to the inside air handling units. These pipes circulate refrigerant into the house and to several indoor air handling units where it used to cool the air. After the air is cooled its then released into the house while the refrigerant carries the excess heat back to the outside unit for disposal. Ductless systems reqjuire good drainage system, otherwise excessive condensation might be a problem.

Mini-Duct Air Conditioners

Another option instead of a regular duct system could be mini-duct central air conditioner system. Mini-Duct Central Air-Conditioning system uses far less space than traditional ductwork system and can be installed in any home. This system uses flexible tubing which supply air to flexible, insulated, 2" diameter plastic feeder ducts. This type of system is cheaper and way less intrusive then a regular central air conditoner duct system.