When we think about a cooling system for your home the first thought that comes to our minds is air conditioning system, however there are several other technologies available on the market today that could provide cooling for your home. Lets look at some of them.

cooling system

Air Conditioning Cooling

Central air conditioning system or central cooling system is the most popular method for cooling homes in North America. Central air conditioning system include air conditioner unit or a heat pump (heat pump works just like regular air conditioner, but capable of delivering hot air during winter time) which delivers cool air throught the ducts to every room in the house.

The advantages of this system that it is very fast, in the matter of minutes after the system is turned on you will feel the cool air moving through the ducts and feel the temperature in your home dropping. Today's central air conditioning systems are very efficient and use between 30 and 50 percent less energy than the units which were made twenty years ago.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporate coolers which are also called swamp coolers take outside air which is delivered to the unit through a series of water pads, then water is evaporated into the air cooling it down and after that the cooler air delivered throught out the house. Evaporate cooler systems are almost half of the cost of the air conditioners system but require more maintenance and only suitable for the climate with very low humidity.

Other Cooling Systems

Absorption Cooling is another cooling system which is basically same as the air conditioner system but uses natural gas, propane or other combustible fuel as the energy source. This types of cooling systems are mostly used in commercial settings but now are also available for larger resident houses.

Radiant Cooling is the process of cooling a floor or a ceiling in the room by absorbing the heat generated from the rest of the room. The air moves toward the cooled surface from the warmer area, surrounding people with a cooler air and comfortable temperature.

Ventilation Cooling is the simplest and least expensive cooling systems on the market today, it is also energy-efficient and environmentaly friendly.

We've given you a little be more information about the cooling systems on the market today but now it is up to you to do the research and decide which system will work for your home enviroment.