In the last twenty years Canadian Government making a big push towards energy efficiency. Saving natural resources and energy becoming a major issue and makes it trade mark of the Canadian Government. There are different incentives by which Government trying to push home owners switch to more energy efficient and enviromentaly friendly sources.

ecoENERGY Retrofit Grants

Grants are money given by the Government which doesn't need to be repaid. ecoENERGY Retrofit Grants or rebates are available to Canadian owners of single family detached or semi-detached and low rise multi-unit residential buildings.

Owner could qualify for rebates by improving the energy efficiency of their properties and by making their properties more environmentaly friendly. For example increasing your attic insulation or replacing your gas furnace with a qualified ENERGY STARŽ model. The maximum grant per home or or multi-unit residential building is $5,000 and the total grant amount available to one individual or entity for eligible properties over the life of the program is $500,000. You could find more information on grants and how to apply for one for residential propertiy owners on Office of Energy Efficiency website. Click Here.

If the home is more than twenty five years old it has the potential to save an average of 35 percent of its energy use. Homes that are more than fiftee years old could become even more energy eficient by saving 40 percent.

Provinces Rebates

Not only federal Government offering grants. Many Provincial Governments following the federal Government example are incouraging their homeowners to save energy.

Visit Office of Energy Efficiency website to find out your provinces grants information.

Due to the world's economic meltdown ecoENERGY Retrofit program has been expanded by Canadian Government to help more than 200,000 homeowners making energy-efficient retrofits for their homes. The program increased by 300 million dollars over the next two years and will be active untill 2011.

You can download more information here