When buying a new home heating system or trying to upgrade existing one you should look at all of the options available. There are a number of factors to condiser for example: efficiency of the heating system, type of fuel the system will be using, the cost of the fuel now and the probable cost of the fuel in the future. There are a few home heating systems on the market today so lets look at some of them.

Forced Air Heating System

Central forced air heating system delivers heated air through a number of ducts in your house with the help of a built in fan. This type of sytem is the most popular home heating system in North America.

The benefits of this system are that the hot air delivers rapidly to every room of the house, not very expensive to install, provide continues air circulation through out the house and the ducts of the system could also be used for the air conditioning or by the humidifier. Also this system uses thermostat for electronic temperature control. This system usually fueled by natural gas, oil or another combustible fuel.

Hot Water Heating System

Hot water heating systems use hot water which is circulated from the main boiler through the pipes and delivered to the radiators in the rooms of the house. If the space is the issue you might condsider this system because the boiler takes less space than a furnace. Boiler may be fueled by natural gas, propane, oil or electricity. The advantages of this heating system that its quite and energy efficient, however disadvantages are that it is slow response system (takes a long time to heat up a house) and you will need additional duct work in place for your air conditioning. Also because the baseboards are mounted on the wall you might have an issue of placing some of you furniture in the room.

Heat Pump Heating System

Heat pump heating system consists of the single unit which can produce hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer and also just like forced air heating system delivers the air through the number of ducts in your house. Heat pump uses electricity as its energy source, so you should check your electricity rates before installing one. The advantage of this system is that you are installing only one unit for hot and cold seasons instead of installing furnace and air conditioner.

We have only covered three out of many different home heating systems availabe on the market today. When thinking about new heating system do a little bit of a reasearch and don't forget to ask your local heating contractor which heating system would be more suitable for your home to provide cozy and comfortable environment.