When looking to replace old or buy a new furnace first you need to understand the efficiency terms. Efficiency rating are very important to understand because it will achive maximum energy cost reduction.



AFUE is the standard for rating furnace efficiency and stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The higher the AFUE%, the more efficient the furnace or it could also apply to air conditioners and any other HVAC product on the market.

What is considered High-Efficiency?

For the furnace to be considered high-efficiency the AFUE must be over 90 percent. AFUE of an older furnaces usually stands at about 60 percent and regular efficiency furnaces between 78 to 84 percent.

How can you tell the level of efficiency or AFUE of a furnace?

Always look at the EnerGuide label on the furnace itself or on the back of manufacturer's brochure. EnerGuide label will show the AFUE rating and tell you if the furnace your are buying in the high-efficiency zone rating.

Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency promotes another international ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada. You will only see that symbol on the products that use less energy then the regular furnaces, thereby helping you save money on electricity bill and help protect the environment. Once again the minumum efficiency rating or AFUE rating for this label to be found on the product is 90 percent and up. Only top energy savers are eligible to use this label on the product.

Talk to Heating Professional

Before purchasing a furnace speak with the HVAC specialist to determine the type and the size of the furnace for your home.

Sometimes with the price difference and the size of your home you might consider regular efficiency furnace instead of the high-efficiency.

Also when purchasing a furnace its a good idea to install programmable thermostat which will make your system more efficient and will save you money on your energy bill.