Besides having your air conditioner working at the maximum levels lets look at some things that could reduce your cooling electriciy or other fuel bills.

cooling tips


It's very important to have proper insulation for your home and your cooling system, it will help avoid exesive heating and reduced efficiency of your system.


Fiberglass usually is the choise for home insulation. It helps to keep your home warm during winter and cold during summer time. Roof absorbs most of the heat and passes it down to the house, so it is very important to have proper insulation on your attic floor. This will prevent the heat from going down. Fiberglass is also used to insulate walls and will help to improve sound control in your home as well.


The effectivness of insulation is measured by R-Valve. The higher the number the more resistant insulation towards the heat. The number is usually clearly printed on the role when the insulation is bought. You need at least R-30 for your home insulation.


Close up all gaps between your windows and doors with construction caulk and you will be saving on your cooling bill. It is very inexpensive to install and very effective.


Shading is another very simple but yet effective way to keep you home cool during hot summer days. By having trees covering up your home and working the drapes and blinds you could save up to 35 percent on your energy bill.

Shade screens could be another simple but yet effective method. Shade screen could block up to 90 percent of the heat which is coming from outside the windows. Look for "shading coefficient" number when purchasing them, the lower the number the less heat will get through.

Roof Vents

The amount of heat in your attic which is passed down to the house could be greatly reduce by installing roof vents. They are very inexpensive to install and will not make your home coolder during the winter season, but will help to remove moisture.

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are another way to reduce heating of your attic by intalling them on the roof along the ridge, under the ridge shingles.


Ceiling fans and regular house fans could be used to reduce the heat and found to be very efficient. However if you live in the very humid climate your should consider other cooling options because the fan will do very little for improving your comfort.