Furnace is a equipment device which is permanently installed in your home and used for interior heating. Furnace is an essential part of your home especially in the colder climates, in warmer parts of the world furnaces are not very popular. The energy sources for the furnace could be natural gas, fuel oil, electricity, coal, or wood.

home furnace

Three Parts of Furnace

We could split furnace in three logical parts.

1. Burner, where fuel is delivered and burned.

2. Heat Exchanger, where heat from the burned fuel is transfered to the blower and air movement.

3. The actual ducts where hot air deliverd through out the house and a exhaust pipe. If the furnace delivers water its usually called a boiler.

If you are looking for a new furnace for your home there are several types of furnaces available on the market today.

Forced Air Furnace

This types of furnaces usually use gas, fuel oil, or electricity as its energy source and with a help of the built in fan delivers hot air through a series of ducts installed in your house. The air supply is drawn from the return ducts and then (heated and cleaned could also be sterilized and humidified) returned back into the house which completed the circulation cycle. There are two most popular types of furnaces which are used for home heating in North America. Combustion furnaces need exhaust pipe and work by burning fuel to generate heat. Condensation furnaces extract heat from the exhaust gases which are generated by burning fuel.

Hot Water Furnace (Boiler)

This type of system uses hot water heated by a boiler which is delivered through pipes to baseboards (mounted on the walls) or heating pipes (in the walls and floors) of the house. Then the water is returned back to the boiler to be reheated and thats how the loop continues. Boiler may be fueled by natural gas, propane, oil or electricity.

Heat Pump

It is very similar to the central forced air furnace system but its capable of producing not only hot air during the winter but cool air during the summer time.

Price of the furnace, furnace efficiency and fuel prices are three major factors to be aware of when purchasing a furnace for your home.