Comfort and warmth are two most important things that you would expect from your home heating system. Efficiency is another thing that you should be expecting, so lets check a couple of things before you cranck up the termostat.

heating tips

Installing a New Furnace

If you are installing a new furnace for your home make sure it is high efficiency furnace. You are looking at electricity and gas savings more than 30 percent from regular furnaces.

Air Leaks

You could loose up to 25 percent of your home heating energy just from air leaks between windows and doors. Check your windows and doors and seal them up and you will be saving on your heating bill.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Setting your thermostat 3 degrees lower while you asleep will save you about 5 percent on your heating bill. Use programmable thermostat to achive most savings.


Proper insulation of the roof, floors, walls, and the basement will reduce your energy bill and will make your home more comfortable to live in.

The Sun

Don't be afraid to let the sun into your house. Uncover your windows especially on the sunny day and close your drapes at night to reduce the heat loss.

Improve Air Circulation

Make sure that your curtains and furniture are not blocking your heating vents. Close all the vents in the unused rooms. Don't freeze your basement, keep it relatively warm because the heat will rise to the higher floors of the house. You could also try to circulate air just with the simple electric fans.

Take Care Of Your Furnace

You need to replace air filter on regular basis. If it's not done in time clogged air filter will make the furnace work twice as hard which means higher energy bill. Service your furnace regulary, just a simple service visit from your heating contractor will save you hundreds of dollar during the cold season.

With rising energy cost from year after year by taking these simple measure and improving the energy efficiency of your home will help you keep warm and also save energy and money in your wallet. Government encouraging to make your home energy efficient by providing various rebates for new home heating systems. Ask your HVAC contractor about Government rebates.